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Media Kit

Why is Healthcare Call Center Times a smart choice?

As a healthcare call center professional, the effective placement of your company’s advertising is probably one of your most challenging duties. While there are other publications available for the healthcare industry, Physician Referral &Telephone Triage Times is a newsletter that is targeted specifically to healthcare call center professionals. The industry as a whole offers a lot to choose from and we at Healthcare Call Center Times think our publication is one of the best buys you can make—here’s why:

  1. We’re Targeted. Healthcare Call Center Times is a specialized publication directed to a targeted audience that is actively using your products and services.

  2. We're competitively priced. Take a look at the enclosed rate sheet and you’ll see how you can advertise effectively for less.

  3. You will receive broad reach in Physician Referral & Telephone
    Triage Times. Our journal covering this fast growing part of the
    healthcare industry has extensive readership within each institution.

Would You Like More Information?

To give you a better idea of what Physician Referral & Telephone Triage is all about, we will send you a free sample of the publication, plus a rate sheet and additional information. To request your Media Kit, fill out our online form or call Derek Lok at 770-457-6106.


A Personal Message:
Thank you for your consideration and interest in our publication. I look forward to working with you in the marketing of your product.
Derek Lok
Advertising Coordinator