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Your Bridge to Tomorrow’s Healthcare Call Center
Heathcare Call Center's 30th Annual Conference

There’s much in common between our host city, Pittsburgh, and the healthcare call center world. Pittsburgh used to be known as Steel Town but has transitioned to become a leading center for business, high technology and education. The healthcare call center world is rapidly transitioning to a more expansive role within our health delivery system. Pittsburgh is known as the city of bridges, with hundreds of bridges spanning communities in the greater Pittsburgh region. Bridging from yesterday to tomorrow is perhaps the principal strategic challenge facing healthcare call centers today. That is why the theme for this year’s conference is: “Your Bridge to Tomorrow’s Healthcare Call Center.” This theme runs from our first pre-conference session “Optimizing Your Productivity: Workforce Management 202 for the Call Center Leader” to our final session on “Building Strong Relationships within Your Healthcare Organization.” By the end of the conference you will be able to take away concrete ideas that will help you enhance your value to your healthcare organization.

Healthcare Call Center Times* is proud to sponsor this year’s
Annual Conference of Healthcare Call Centers.


* Formerly known as Physician Referral & Telephone Triage Times
and the Physician Referral and Health Information Call Centers Annual Conference